Chartered By Government of Sindh
Recognized by HEC


Campus Life

A decent cafeteria for students, faculty and staff exists. Strict hygienic and cleanliness standards are maintained to ensure quality service. The cafeteria is also a place for informal and lively interaction between students and faculty.

The Library at CIBES is equipped with OPAC – an Online Public Access Catalogue that is used for book searching purpose. Internet terminals are available for students to search educational sites for their assignments. Each Library member is offered Internet access including access to many marketing databases. The library is connected to LAN (Local Area Network) that runs the OPAC (online Public Access Catalogue) and thus makes book searching easier. Special sound proof cubicles with electronic aids form part of a specific area in the library to encourage group study and discussion.

The Library covers a vast area, with a Reference Room that is well equipped to facilitate effective teaching and learning. Membership of the HEC’s (Higher Education Commission’s) digital library has also been applied for which will give the members access to latest research, lacks of books and current journals.

CIBES fully equipped computer laboratory offer computer networking under STAR Topology on latest computers, thus providing a convenient but technically advanced environment supported by a variety of latest miscomputes, Local Area Networks, broad ranging peripherals, fully integrated digital labs, Intranet and Internet facilities.

Throughout the year different sports, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities provide the students with healthy physical and recreational opportunities and direct their energies positively. An in-door games room provides in-door games facilities such as Scrabble, Chess, Carrum and Table Tennis.

There is a well-furnished common room for girls where they can spend their leisure time and offer prayers.

At CIBES great stress is laid on inculcating high moral values and character building. The prayer hall at CIBES invites students to pray in congregation upholding the special feature of Islamic teachings. Students offer their prayers regularly at the CIBES Campus.