No student is denied admission to the Institute due to any financial constraints the he/she may be suffering from

On application for need cum merit scholarship a certain procedure for assessment is undertaken (which includes the parent / guardians salary / income, type and size of residence, utility bills, number of dependents, consideration for a single parent and such other parameters as the committee may think fit to consider), after which the percentage of  need cum merit scholarship t is decided. Strict confidentiality is maintained, ensuring the self-respect of the applicant.

10% of the students admitted will be offered this facility on a progressive scale.

CIBES need cum merit scholarship will be tied to the results and the disciplinary record of the student.


Withdrawal of need cum merit scholarship

If a student does not perform satisfactorily in either academics or discipline, the endowment facility may be withdrawn with immediate effect.


Powers to Grant, Refuse or Withdraw need cum merit scholarship

The decision to grant, refuse or withdraw fee endowment will lie with the Executive Committee of the institution.



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