Criteria for 1st semester
All Position Holders for the First 10 Positions declared in the HSC/B.Com/BSC/BA/BBA or equivalent will be given 100% Scholarship of their Tuition Fee.

Criteria from 2nd semester to 8th semester
This facility will be awarded to those students, on a semester basis, who meet the scholarship criteria for admission.

                1. The scholarships will cover the tuition fee.
                2. 2. There shall be 03 scholarships per semester and will be offered to the first 03 highest GPA holders (in progressive order), who must have achieved the following criteria:


First scholarship

Highest GPA with atleast Three A+ and Two A's

100% of tuition fee


Second scholarship

2nd Highest GPA with atleast 2A+ and 3A’s

75% of tuition fee


Third scholarship

3rd Highest GPA with atleast 1A+3A's

50% of tuition fee


Forms of Scholarship
The above scholarship could be either in the form of fee waiver or else the students should be given an option to attend corporate training workshops at LUMS, PIM or such other bodies as this will add to their professional vision and competence. In case the student opts for such a workshop, the following conditions will apply:

    1. The cost of the workshop should not exceed the amount of the scholarship.
    2. Where the cost of the workshop is higher than the scholarship amount, the student will pay the difference.
    3. If student can attend more than the one workshop within the scholarship amount, he / she may be permitted to do so.
The scholarship amount will not accumulate over the semesters. Students may have the option of opting for a combination of attending a workshop and for partial adjustment of the remaining scholarship amount towards the tuition fee



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